From laser scanners to BIM

The GaiaGroup has been using the latest Scan-to-BIM technology, as the first important step in a BIM process aimed at supporting redevelopment and renovation schemes for buildings and systems. The GaiaGroup provides a professional survey service, using data from 3D laser scanning to obtain a 3D BIM model, and the latest software to convert point cloud data into complex 3D BIM models. These can be for either architectural, structural or MEP purposes, and offer a high degree of precision and quality. The point cloud data generated by the 3D Laser Scanner is imported into a overall model in a BIM environment, with sufficient definition to allow accurate retrieval of all the architectural, structural and MEP details, and with varying degrees of resolution according to the type of object detected. All this is in accordance with the new UNI standards, which regulate design in the BIM environment. The output which the design team can subsequently use will therefore be an exact image of the current situation: a photograph that can “talk” to both the designer and the client, and which contains, in a unambiguous and interoperable form, all the preliminary details required for completing the subsequent tasks. This new technology can be used to create three distinct models – architectural, structural and MEP – which all come together in the overall model. Our company also uses the interoperable interchange system.IFC.

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